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About Us

Our scope of services

To create new opportunities by means of ecological and economic solutions – this is our motto. Our scope of services encompasses surface recycling and water treatment, emission prevention / control and material flow management and finally sanitary landfill construction and operation as well as earthworks and hydraulic works. As full-service provider in the field of remediation of contaminated sites, we are one of Germany’s most experienced and most successful market actors. We campaign for sustainable surface- and urban development.

One contact – many services

We take care of any type of project, no matter which size: from the very beginning to project conclusion – across national boundaries and on the grounds of interdisciplinary approaches. Our experienced staff members offer consulting and design activities. In addition, we elaborate, in close cooperation with municipalities and administrations, different remediation concepts and successfully implement these projects, even in the scope of the most complex project requirements. In our work, we are supported by the most up-to-date plant technique as well as by our innovative recycling and treatment processes, which are continuously enhanced and further perfected. Thanks to our infrastructure and approach, we are able to set the quality standards on the European market.

You will profit from:

  • Our very dense network of facilities and plants – we will always be within reach to personally take care of you
  • Attractive disposal possibilities in all regions during the execution of large-sized and small-sized projects
  • As general contractor, we offer cost certainty in the coordination and implementation of complex project activities
  • Assessment, design and consulting for all remediation measures
  • Execution of all required services and works
  • Use of field-proven processes and remediation possibilities

It’s our staff that makes the difference

However, the success of our company is not only based on sophisticated and highly elaborated technology. It is rather due to our highly qualified team of experts, which secures that our company is the correct and adequate partner for your specific waste and contaminated sites’ problem, since all services that we offer are backed by many years of experience combined with a high degree of staff professionalism.