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The company B.A.U., Baustoff-Aufbereitung-Ulm, represents the principle: creating life from old contaminations. Today, the use of recycled building materials that are produced out of different dismantling materials, such as ballast, soil excavation material and other mineral residues, has become imperative as far as ecological and economic aspects are concerned. The B.A.U., a joint company composed of ECOSOIL Süd and Franz Geiger, fully satisfy this demand.

The core elements of the company-owned plant are the goods’ transfer rail, which has been specially built for this particular task, and the treatment station. In this treatment station, a combination of different wet and dry mechanical treatment stages are being executed in order to transform dismantling material into high-quality certified products. Ballast is the most frequently treated material, yet the plant has also been dimensioned to accept other types of materials, even strongly contaminated, hazardous waste materials.

For more information, please click here to get to the company homepage www.bau-ulm.de.