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esm is a certified technical company, located in the Rhine-Main-Region, which actively works in the field of mineral waste disposal and treatment. We are an experienced and reliable partner for the supply and disposal of construction sites as well as for the legally compliant recycling of any type of mineral waste materials, and we offer tailored as well as quality- and price-optimised solutions to our clients.

The scope of services comprises:

  • Disposal and treatment of contaminated soils and building waste
  • Complete disposal of construction site waste
  • Disposal of slag, sludge and other mineral waste materials
  • Complete management of contaminated sites’ remediation measures, dismantling and civil engineering projects
  • Installation of mobile treatment units, such as screening- or crushing plants
  • Fabrication of quality-controlled recycled products, such as mineral concrete and gravel

The administrative centre of the esm is located in Groß-Gerau and the company operates a soil treatment plant in Flörsheim-Wicker. In this treatment plant, contaminated substances are mechanically treated and, if required, microbiologically remediated.

You will find further information on the company homepage www.esm-entsorgung.de.