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Sapotec Sul

We transfer our know-how and our services all over the world. We have gained a foothold on the Brazilian market by means of our affiliated company, Sapotec Sul. With this company, we have prepared the ground to introduce soil rehabilitation activities in the country. Sapotec Sul is the founder of the first soil treatment plant in Brazil and may thus be considered to be one of the pioneers in this sector in Latin America.

Our company-owned soil treatment plant has been installed in Nova Santa Rita in the State of Rio Grande do Sul. By means of the biological treatment process TERRAFERM®, we are able to treat some 68,000 tons of contaminated soil a year.

Presently, the main clients of Sapotec Sul are petrol filling stations and refineries. In addition, the company works in the fields of wastewater and waste air treatment as well as in the removal of oil contaminations caused in case of damages.

You will find more information in Portuguese language on the Sapotec Sul homepage. Please click here to be redirected to www.sapotec.com.br