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Zech Group

The Zech Group GmbH is a strategic management holding company, which roofs six individual business units with their respective operative companies. This holding company coordinates the work of these six business units, elaborates the overall strategy and formulates the global objectives for the further development of the entire corporate group.

In the course of three generations, the variety in the fields of business has been continuously extended, whereas the drive of our actions has always been the same - to create values for our clients. A self-supporting, adequate company growth and an increasing internationalisation are implemented by a clear and solidly-based strategy. Our prompt and well-thought-out decisions as well as our ambition to break new ground, make us so unique. The company group represents personal responsibility and a corporate strategy that is based on sustainability.

The business units of the Zech Group:

  • Construction
  • Real Estate
  • Hotel
  • Environment / Technology
  • Industry
  • International

Backed by our network of companies, we are able to offer you overall solutions related to real properties – starting with project development and remediation of contaminated sites through technical design, construction and marketing up to operation.

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