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Project Group for Complex Projects

Umweltschutz Ost GmbH

Grünauer Str. 210-216
12557 Berlin-Köpenick

Your contact person

Rolf Pfeffer
Phone: +49 (0) 30 / 6 54 94 14-10
Fax: +49 (0) 30 / 6 54 94 14-19
E-Mail: rpfeffer@umweltschutz-ost.de

We will execute all works that are related with complex contaminated sites’ remediation activities – structural components, soil, water and air – as well as all engineering preliminary works and the implementation of project measures:

  • Dismantling of buildings, special dismantling works such as reinforced concrete chimneys, steel truss bridges, gas-based facilities on gas reservoirs of the large gas supplying companies, clearance of subsurface debris down to a depth of 16 m in the groundwater by using the most various demolition technologies (including blasting techniques)
  • Remediation of contaminated areas by means of special civil engineering technologies, such as big hole drilling equipment, sealing walls and base sealing
  • Groundwater lowering and groundwater purification
  • Soil air treatment
  • Project management / supervision of works / project management
  • Operation of stationary and mobile facilities for the remediation of contaminated sites by means of biological treatment processes and by means of soil washing processes
  • Surface recycling, re-activation of fallow land

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