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Zech Group GmbH
Presse- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit
André Castens
August-Bebel-Allee 1
28329 Bremen
Telefon: 0421 / 4 10 07-113
Fax: 0421 / 4 10 07-913
Mail: acastens@zech-management.de

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Homepage News: French version, references, films

Parlez-vous-francais? The entire information on Zech Umwelt – now also available in a French language version. We have inserted for the clients of our Paris branch the entire information on services offered by Zech Umwelt and the direct contact data in a French language version.

You will now also find a broad selection of references. Under the menu selection “References”, you may find references, as text and picture files, which illustrate where we have working for our clients and in which specific sectors. You may filter your request either by scope of services or by regions. Click here to be directed to the reference section.

In order to provide a better idea of our scope of services „Sanitary landfill construction and operation“ as well as „Earthworks and hydraulic works“, we have documented some of our projects with a film camera. To view the films, just click on the selected area.

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