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Activated Carbon Filter Plant and Air-Sparging

Soil air remediation in non-saturated zones by means of activated carbon filter plants and air-sparging

Scope of application: Contaminations in non-saturated areas caused by volatile organic substances (fuel, volatile chlorinated hydrocarbons, MTBE) in average concentrations.

Technical Data*

Dimensions LxW 2m x 2m 3m x 2m 3m x 2m 5m x 3m
Nominal capacity air 50 m³/h 100 m³/h 350 m³/h 1.000 m³/h
Nominal low pressure 100 mbar 125 mbar 125 mbar 80 mbar
Water separator 0,2 m³ 0,2 m³ 0,4 m³ 0,8 m³
AC-Filter 2 x 0,2 m³ 2 x 0,2 m³ 2 x 0,4 m³ 2 x 1 m³
Activated carbon quantity 2 x 75 kg 2 x 75 kg 2 x 150 kg 2 x 500 kg
Connection power 2,2 kW 3 kW 5,5 kW 3 kW (EX-proof)

* Subject to modifications, different performance data on request.

Combination possibilities

■ with air-sparging: In order to mobilise hazardous substances
■ with KATOX-plants: In case of high raw air concentrations
■ with oil skimming: In case of free phase on the groundwater
■ with groundwater treatment: In order to remove hazardous substances contained in the groundwater

Operation Principle


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