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Project Management

Full-service waste management

Waste is a topic that affects everyone – beyond borders and beyond individual branches. However, in many companies this topic is placed at the end of the process chain and very frequently it becomes a problem. How can we dispose off large quantities of waste materials according to rules and regulations presently in force? And how do we adequately handle contaminated sites? We, the company ZECH UMWELT GmbH, do have the right answer to your questions – both in terms of ecological and in terms of economic aspects. No matter whether you are working with plastic materials, metals, mineral or other kinds of industrial waste materials – we offer you competent solutions. With our innovative and environmentally compatible processes, we treat and dispose off waste materials and contaminated substances that have been generated in industrial and business processes. In our work, we always strictly adhere to laws and environmental regulations presently in force, since inappropriate waste disposal may indeed cost very dear.

One proposal – many services: Let us take care of your waste problem. We would like you to be able to just focus on your day-to-day business, without any type of remorse. For this reason, we offer you full-services in the field of ecologically compatible waste recycling and waste disposal: Our engineers and environmental experts examine the situation on site, offer consulting services, take care of the implementation of all necessary remediation measures and coordinate waste transport – including supervision of all processes and obtaining of all necessary permits. All these services are backed by a high degree of professionalism and technical competence. Our company is part of the international ZECH GROUP – a strong group operating in the building sector.

Soil remediation – all’s well that ends well: Are you planning to reintroduce a contaminated site into the economic cycle? So please, let us take care of your problem and help you with the work: ZECH UMWELT GmbH is highly experienced in the remediation of contaminated surfaces. Supported by our long-standing experience and our commitment to secure the sustainability of a project, we examine the surface, elaborate a remediation plan with cost-optimised disposal concepts, take care of the implementation of the measure and integrate municipalities and administrations in order to secure the success of the project. Did we forget something? Then, please, do not hesitate to contact us!

Trans-boundary waste disposal – united Europe: Our work doesn’t end with remediation measures. We take a step forward – even beyond borders. With our modern plants and treatment processes for waste recycling and disposal, we hold a pioneer position in Europe and we open up new worldwide possibilities of trans-boundary waste disposal. There is one main thing to which we attach particular importance: we want to be a reliable partner to our clients. For this reason, we are always up to date in terms of legislation and notification procedures and we are perfectly familiar with all possibilities of waste transport logistics either on road, rail or water.

Industrial waste recycling – we treat building waste and soils: We have highly modern plant techniques at our disposal, which provide for ecological treatment possibilities for numerous waste types, such as waste materials from refineries, from agricultural and forestry activities. We purify sewage sludge, ballast and grit removal chambers and we recycle waste materials from building and dismantling works, street cleaning residues and biologically degradable waste materials. Just to mention one figure, which will demonstrate our capacities, - we are able to treat more than two million tons of mineral waste materials a year by means of our stationary and mobile soil treatment plants.

Disposal services – take our word for it: Should the situation arise that we are not able to treat a specific waste flow in our treatment facilities, we have competent partners to do so. For many years now, we have been cooperating within a reliable network with recycling companies whose capacities will be made available to our company. We are entitled to render these disposal services in the scope of the federal law on waste disposal (KrWAbfG) and we are certified for any waste sale and procurement activities in accordance with the regulation on certified waste disposal and management companies.

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