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Use of mobile treatment plants on contaminated sites

Process description:The use of mobile technologies is a very economic instrument in order to rapidly handle environmental problems on contaminated sites as long as the excavated material or the building waste on that site can be treated in a mobile soil washing plant and then backfilled on that same site.

In this particular case, the economic efficiency of an on-site soil washing procedure will not only be guaranteed by the fact that the transport of the contaminated material to a mobile plant is avoided but also by the fact that no filling soil will have to be additionally purchased since the filling material is produced by this mobile plant.

Besides our stationary facilities for the treatment of contaminated soils in Germany and the TERRALAVAR®-MOBIL process in Brazil with different treatment options, we also operate highly flexible mobile soil washing units, which have been proven and tested in different large-size projects both in Germany and abroad.

Technical parameters of the mobile TERRALAVAR®-soil washing plants:

Capacity: 20-50 t/h
Surface required: 1.500 m²
Handling surface: 1.000 m²
Power connection: 400 KVA or diesel unit
Water/Wastewater: KVA or diesel unit
Products: Filling sand/gravel
Residual substance concentrate: Clay filter cake
Erection period: 2 to 6 weeks
Staff requirement: 2 workers/shift plus 2 wheel loaders with driver


Flexibility: The modular plant structure allows to work according to the principle „as much technology as possible but as less technology as necessary” and to rapidly adapt the required technology to project requirements, soil composition and contaminating agents’ characteristics.

Tailor-made solutions: Tailor-made solutions with the correct dimensioning of required techniques and well-founded calculations are based on the assessments of our in-house laboratory and/or semi-industrial tests. This approach, along with our long-standing experience, allows to exactly predict the development of remediation measures.

High flow rates: Flow rates ranging between 20 and 50 t/h can be achieved by means of the mobile soil washing procedure. Thanks to these high flow rates we can secure rapid works execution.

Broad range of contaminating agents: Apart from separating organic contaminants such as mineral oil (mineral oil-derived hydrocarbons, BTEX), tar oils (PAH) and halogenated hydrocarbons (chlorinated hydrocarbons, volatile halogenated hydrocarbons), we are also able to secure the separation of heavy metals from the soil grain. The possibilities of using mobile techniques in large-sized contaminated sites’ remediation projects as an alternative to external treatment should already be analysed, wherever applicable, in the scope of the tendering procedure.

TERRALAVAR® Mobil Process Scheme


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