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Drinking Water Treatment

Drinking water is a precious asset and plays an important role in our day-to-day life. Water has to comply with very high quality demands, not only in terms of being used as food article but also in terms of being used for “technical” processes, such as in a washing machine. Depending on the type of raw water, and depending on the consumers’ requirements, different treatment processes or process combinations have to be applied.

Freshwater as raw water (groundwater, surface water)

If it’s a question of removing solid and suspended substances and of safely retaining potentially pathogen germs, then Ultrafiltration will be the best choice. Depending on the type and composition of raw water, this process may be combined with other preliminary treatment stages. If, however, the task requires the additional removal or reduction of solved elements, such as organic trace elements or hardening components (Ca2+/Mg2+), Nanofiltration can be used as additional stage.

Salt water as raw water (sea water, brackish water)

If salt water is being used as raw water, the process to choose will be a reverse osmosis stage, in order to reduce the salt content to the required level to allow the use of the water as drinking water. Depending on the type of raw water, it may be necessary to apply the Ultrafiltration process as preliminary stage in order to provide for a raw water quality that may be treated by reverse osmosis.

Depending on the raw water quality and on the requirements, the Zech Water Technology will offer you the correct and appropriate treatment process combination, also using additional conventional process techniques for preliminary or secondary water treatment.