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Groundwater-, Air- and Soil Remediation

Our team is your experienced partner in the fields of:  

  • Trench drainage and trench water treatment
  • Soil- and groundwater remediation
  • Soil air treatment
  • Waste air treatment
  • In-situ-remediation
  • Operational management

We can offer you, according to your demands, individual partial or complex solutions:

  • Implementation of tests, either bench-scale or semi-industrial scale tests
  • Execution of preliminary tests in pilot plants
  • Elaboration of technically and economically optimised solutions including individual consulting services
  • Development and manufacturing of individual, cost-efficient and stable plant technique in form of single modules or full-service plants
  • Concept elaboration, implementation and plant commissioning
  • Operation, maintenance and repair

In order to be able to execute the most various tasks, we are backed by the following technical processes and/or plant techniques:

  • Water pumping and lifting plants and systems
  • Sedimentation- and separation plants
  • Neutralisation plants
  • Filtration plants
  • Vacuum plants
  • Precipitation and flocculation plants
  • Adsorption plants for water (activated carbon filter plants) and air (activated carbon filter plants and air-sparging)
  • Ion exchange plants
  • Oxidative processes (BioBat-process)
  • Biological processes
  • Desorption plants (stripping plants)
  • Soil air extraction- and treatment plants
  • Catalytic oxidation processes (Katox-process)
  • Separation plants and phase separation plants
  • Sludge dewatering and -conditioning plants
  • Innovative technologies and special processes
  • Process visualisation and fault indicating systems

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