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Material Flow Management and Construction Pits

The management of contaminated material flows is one of the key activities executed by the company ECOSOIL Süd. In-house recycling facilities such as construction pit filling, sanitary landfill profiling or treatment facilities form the basis for the successful implementation of tasks. Our company network that comprises numerous affiliated and associated companies as well as external partners is the key factor for our success.

With the help of our material flow management approach, you will be able to preserve resources and to save costs. We will be pleased to offer you our advisory services and to assist you in achieving a more material-efficient production by creating sustainable material cycles.

  • Excavation of construction pits
  • Stabilisation of construction pits (design and execution)
  • Take-over of contaminated and non-contaminated soils and demolition waste
  • Re-use up to LAGA Z 2 in in-house construction and land rehabilitation projects
  • Re-use / disposal > LAGA Z 2 in in-house and external plants, facilities and sanitary landfills
  • Supply of treated soils and building materials (sand, clay, gravel, lime stone, recycled building materials)
  • Development of new storage areas / re-use facilities (clay- and gravel pits, quarries)
  • Handling of industrial and municipal residues (paper- and sewage sludge, etc.)
  • Operation of mobile treatment plants

In this particular context, the company ECOSOIL Süd also installs construction pits and provides for the disposal and recycling of excavated soil materials. In addition, our experienced team will, of course, assist you in the design and execution of sheeting, dewatering and water treatment activities but also in the design and execution of many other activities.

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