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Membrane Activated Sludge Plants for Urban Wastewater Treatment

Modular system for tailor-made plants

  • Combination of standardised modules to obtain plants with perfectly adapted design
  • Standard-sizes of up to 2500 PE in container-type construction
  • Larger plants can be executed as stationary plants
  • Complete wastewater treatment or single membrane stages for the upgrading of existing plants
  • Supply of ready-to-operate plants or of pre-assembled units for the final assembly on-site

Excellent clear water quality

  • Safe removal of bacteria and viruses
  • Clear water for re-use (bathing water quality)
  • Optimum preliminary treatment for further treatment processes

Basic modules

  • Mechanical preliminary treatment
  • Feeding and recirculation pumps
  • Biological treatment stages including agitators, aeration with blowers, etc.
  • Membrane stage with filtrate pump, blower and backwash device
  • Control panel and Operator Panel


  • Individual design for each plant
  • Easy extension of existing plants
  • Re-use of the treated water as irrigation water, as fire extinguishing water, etc.
  • Chemical treatment required only once or twice a year
  • No CEB during operation
  • Re-use in the biological process of the air that has been introduced into the membrane stage
  • Reduced maintenance requirements

Additional modules

  • Equalising tank either with or without ventilation
  • Equalising tank either with or without ventilation
  • Phosphate precipitation
  • CIP-installation for chemical module cleaning


  • Two separate membrane chambers, with the possibility to individually connect or disconnect
  • Membrane modules
  • Filtrate pump with internal piping for operation and backwashing procedure
  • Aeration for optimum membrane cleaning, including blower
  • Option: Additional tank for chemical cleaning (CIP)
  • Option: Pumps for return sludge
  • Adjustment of filtrate quantity via an external 4 – 20 mA signal

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