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Plastics Recycling

Second hand articles help to preserve resources

They are extremely short-dated but we need them every day: We are talking about plastic packages. Yoghourt cups and Co. are very often marked with a green dot and are being collected in German households for their later recycling. So far so good, but what happens with those packages that contain residues of dangerous substances, such as engine oil? We, the ZECH UMWELT GmbH, take care of these packages with the help of the most up-to-date plant techniques and in-house developed recycling processes so that these packages can then be once again reintroduced into the valuable materials cycle. The service that we render clearly demonstrates that ecology and economy can be reasonably combined. Thanks to our recycling process, we manage to preserve resources and to reduce CO2-emissions. Moreover, we are able to produce, based on used material, genuine and sorted secondary plastic material, for which a good price can be obtained on the market.

Simply efficient: our recycling concept

At the very beginning of our treatment chain we start with plastic packages (post-user-plastics) with firmly adhering product residues, such as oil. In a first step, the two substances are completely separated from one another. This separation guarantees an almost 100% recycling of waste flows. Since the treatment process of plastic packages is carried out according to genuine and sorted product categories, we are able to either return all separated residues, such as oil mixtures and other products that are considered to be dangerous products, into the treatment cycle or to secure their thermal recycling. Once the purified plastic packages have passed through several fractionation and cleaning processes, we obtain high-quality mill material ready for its material reuse.


The totally emptied and re-closed packages are first of all subjected to an initial entry control and then accepted on the plant. After a visual inspection and the feed-in of the material, all metallic components are being separated in a first treatment stage. This first separation process is followed by preliminary fractionation and mechanical preliminary treatment processes, which secure the removal of all still adhering product residues. With the ensuing wet grinding process and a multi-stage washing and drying process, we are able to fabricate high-quality mill material.


HDPE-milling material: < 8 mm
Density: 0,94 - 0,95
Colour: multicoloured
Packaging: Big-Bags

Plastic material recycling scheme

Schema Kunststoffrecycling Verfahren

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