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Process Water Treatment

Different demands are being made on industrial processes in terms of process water and/or industrial water quality. Once the process water has been used, it is more or less contaminated and will require pertinent treatment so that it can then be once again used either as process- or as industrial water. If the water, however, can no longer be used as process or industrial water, it will have to be disposed off in the sewer system or in the receiving bodies.

Depending on initial requirements and raw water quality, the Zech Water Technology will assemble specific plants, which will obtain the best possible result for the assigned task. To do so, individual technologies will be combined in order to produce optimum results. The following processes may be applied:

  • Ultrafiltration in order to remove solid- and suspended substances, bacteria and viruses.
  • Nanofiltration: in order to reduce solved substances, such as hardening components (Ca2+/Mg2+) and larger organic trace elements.
  • Reverse osmosis: in order to reduce all solved substances including monovalent ions (Na+, Cl-, etc.).
  • Membrane bioreactor: in order to reduce biologically degradable organic compounds and inorganic nitro compounds (Denitrification/nitrification)
  • Conventional processes:: : in order to remove additional substances or to be used as preliminary or secondary treatment stage for one of the above-mentioned processes.

Rather typical application possibilities can be found in almost all industrial domains where water is being used. Just to mention some few examples:

  • Power plants (e.g. bowl feed water treatment)
  • Food industry (e.g. wastewater treatment including reintroduction into the industrial process)
  • Breweries (e.g. washing liquor treatment)
  • Chemical industry (e.g. valuable substance recovery)
  • Process water treatment / re-use of process water that has been generated in mechanical-biological waste treatment plants