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Recycled Building Materials

Turning old into new

Construction residues account for approximately 60% of the total waste volume that is generated in Germany – with an upward trend! This market sector entails an enormous potential of secondary raw materials, which are only waiting to be recovered in the scope of the modern flow and recycling economy. The topics that for others still seem to be far in the future, have already become everyday business for us: We, the ZECH UMWELT GmbH, are able to transform any kind of construction residues into valuable recycled products. In this transformation process, we are assisted by the most various and modern treatment and purification plants. Our „second-hand“ materials have succeeded in the market as „first class“ products: They offer economic benefits and comply – even in the long run – with all quality requirements that are established for new materials.

Filler- and recycling sands – every single grain: quality class A:

When it comes to the remediation of contaminated surfaces, the question very often arises how to handle and deal with excavated contaminated soils and building waste volumes. We offer a feasible alternative to the final disposal on sanitary landfills. With the help of our either stationary or mobile treatment techniques, we recycle excavated dangerous materials until we obtain valuable and useable materials. The recycled product can be used as wet or dry sorted filling sand, as pipe trench filling material and as accurate formation level material. In addition, the material may be used as quality-controlled building material.

Recycled gravel
Grobkies Pioneer in the sector of sustainable construction: Assisted by our treatment plants, we are able to recycle used concrete, bricks and gravel from railway installations and to reintroduce them into the economic cycle. The waste product is transformed into high-quality recycled gravel, which will then be used, for example, as underground foundation in the field of road- and railway construction. In addition, the material is also used as drainage building material. The wet sorted material can also be used in the tunnel construction domain. The material is mainly supplied from our plants in Kriebitzsch and Coswig.

Drainage building materials
Feinkies One material but numerous fields of application: Crushed and sorted building waste is the base for the secondary raw materials that we produce. These materials, which do not contain fine grain fractions, are frequently and successfully used in the fields of leachate water collection and gas drainage. If the material presents a high portion of crushed concrete it is considered to be basically stable and can therefore also be used for the stabilisation of slopes. If the fine grain fractions are not being removed, the porous concrete is perfectly suitable to be used as road construction material.

Substitute building materials
Sandfraktion An ecological and, at the same time, economic alternative: The mineral wastes are treated by our company on our plant sites, which have been granted the permit according to the BImSchG (Federal Immission Control Act) and which are classified as certified waste disposal and management companies. These mineral wastes are transformed, mainly by thermal processes, into low priced substitute building materials, which are then mainly used as building materials for sanitary landfill construction. In terms of building physics, these materials are to be considered high-quality materials thus representing a clear and ecological alternative to the use of non-renewable raw materials such as sand and gravel. Do you want to know which other products we obtain from waste materials? Then don’t hesitate to contact us!

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