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Systems and processes for soil treatment

Systems and processes for air and soil treatment

Systems and processes for water purification

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Remediation of Contaminated Sites

Gaining ground with our help

Soil contaminations very often cause impacts on groundwater, too. Therefore, one of our key services is the remediation of contaminated sites. In order to be able to offer adequate treatment processes for contaminated sites, we have at our disposal both off-site and on-site plants. These plants operate on the grounds of the biological process Terraferm® or on the grounds of the soil washing process Terralavar®. These two in-house developed treatment processes may also be combined. We are presently operating, in Germany alone, 15 biological and 7 soil washing plants. With the support of these plants, we are able to treat more than 2 million tons of contaminated soils a year. The treated and decontaminated soils are then reintroduced, under ecological aspects and in line with existing demands, into the economic cycle. In addition, we offer in-situ soil and water remediation methods. These methods don’t require any type of excavations allowing us to to gain treated and clean soils for our clients thanks to biological, chemical and physical processes.