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Stripping Plants

Groundwater remediation by means of stripping plants

Fields of application: groundwater contamination by easily volatile substances (fuel, volatile chlorinated hydrocarbons) in high concentrations.

PARAMETER (approx.) KS 5 TS 10 TS 50 Beispiel-Anlage
Size LxW 6m x 3m 6m x 2m 6m x 2m 6m x 6m
Maximum height 2m 7,5m 8m 7,5m
Weight 400 kg 800 kg 1.000 kg 4.000 kg
Nominal capacity 5 m³/h 10 m³/h 50 m³/h 10 m³/h
Nominal capacity air 100 m³ 350 m³ 1,500 m³ 350 m³
Connected load 5,1 kW 8,2 kW 20 kW 12 kW

*Subject to changes, modifications and different performance rates on request.

Combination possibilities

■ with automatic backwashing: In case of high ochre charges
■ with oil separator: In case of not bonded product in the soil
■ with air sparging: In order to mobilise polluting agents
■ with soil air extraction: In order to remove polluting agents from unsaturated areas


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