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Surface Recycling and Dismantling

Opportunities of site development

Our cities and communities are constantly growing, yet they very often reach their limits since available building ground is becoming increasingly scarce. According to the German Institute of Urbanisation, some 130 hectares of surface are being used each day for residential and traffic purposes. Areas of unspoiled nature are sacrificed for these new settlements - even though developed properties situated in top locations are available, too. The Zech Umwelt GmbH has committed itself to revitalise and to economically activate these.

A stain turns into a gem:

The solution that we offer for sustainable urban development is more than simple: Growing to the inside. Regardless of which properties we are talking about - abandoned and decommissioned industrial sites, military properties or traffic zones - we provide for the remediation of any kind of property by removing every contamination and by reintroducing the property into the economic cycle. The advantages for proprietors, administrations, remediation companies and buyers are obvious: They profit from inner-urban and useable surfaces, which are characterised by best-available connections to existing infrastructure and which are offered to attractive prices. Even from the ecological point of view, the future belongs to surface recycling: this is the only way to secure that green areas really stay green in the long run.

We bear the risk and you reap the fruits of our labour:

Many municipalities have become aware of the fact that the reactivation of fallow land attracts companies and creates new jobs. In many places, resource-saving urban development plans are given preference vis-a-vis new land developments and these plans are also politically supported. But still, there are some reservations: since the subsoil of contaminated properties is hidden, it is difficult to exactly assess the costs that are required for remediation measures. We, however, are able to assess these costs, not only because of our many years of professional experience but also because we are assisted by the most up-to-date investigation techniques - and we are able to do such a good job in this assessment that we can afford to bear the risk of this remediation measure and offer you a fix price.

Our services - beyond modern environmental protection:

We have more to offer than mere information safety and planning certainty: a complete service in terms of surface management. We analyse, assess, plan and remediate contaminated sites and former industrial sites, and, if you request us to do so, we will provide for the sale of the reactivated property and we will also assume the construction of buildings and the ensuing building management. You are certainly asking yourself how we are able to render all these services securing, at the same time, top quality? Well, it's quite easy: The Zech Umwelt GmbH is backed by a very strong company group - the internationally acting ZECH GROUP, which can rely on professional companies working in the fields of civil engineering and Facility Management.

One example of a successful surface recycling project: The rehabilitation of the Emden refinery:

Within a period of only 30 months, we achieved the unthinkable: The Frisia crude oil production plant, which was built in 1959 on a 66 hectare surface in Emden, has been transformed into the industrial and business park Frisia. The project that has been co-financed by the European Union was carried out by the Frisia Emden company association under the leadership of the Zech Umwelt affiliated company, Umweltschutz Nord GmbH.

What a challenge - emptying and demolition of plants:

Since there had been no proper and due decommissioning of the refinery site, there was a lot of work to be done. A total of 59 tanks, 58 kilometres of pipes and conduits, pumps- and pig trap stations, loading stations as well as complex process stations with a total of 13,500 tons of oil had to be emptied, cleaned and dismantled. In addition, the project required the dismantling of 31 buildings, 25 transformers and 6,000 square metres of asbestos-containing sheeting. The clearly visible final step in the disappearance of the crude oil production plant was achieved by blasting the three chimneys with heights of up to 92 metres.

Clean job - Soil remediation with the Terraferm®-process:

The safe re-use of the property that had been contaminated in its former productive period with hydrocarbons and/or mineral oil products could only be secured after having executed a soil replacement procedure. More than 85,000 cubic metres of contaminated soils were dug away and treated with the efficient "Terraferm®-Biosystem-earth"- process that was carried out in the soil treatment facilities of the Umweltschutz Nord GmbH in Ganderkesee and Bremen. With the assistance of this biological soil treatment process, we were able to successfully handle the contamination problem and to avoid the disposal of the contaminated site at a different location. This complex project was concluded with the construction of the Frisia business and industrial park.

To successfully work in a team - this is the key: No matter whether you, as a proprietor, are intending to sell your contaminated property because you don't want to bear the risk of a remediation measure at your own expense, or whether you are looking for support in order to reactivate the contaminated property, we will be able to assist you in any project. It is certainly to be considered an advantage if a public-law contract has already been concluded with the municipality, clearly specifying the overall project execution, including the volume of remediation works, the period of remediation works and the principles of property marketing. In order to secure the success of the project, we moreover count on the cooperation with the administrations involved since surface recycling is always based on team work.

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