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Trench Drainage and Trench Water Treatment

Trench drainage and trench water treatment are very important components that have to be executed in the scope of remediation and constructions projects. An insufficient water management will always negatively impact the progress on construction sites.

As far as trench drainage is concerned, we offer project-specific, adapted and economic full-service systems, which provide for the pumping and discharge of trench water.

Very often, the water that is generated during construction projects has to be treated in order to comply with official requirements and regulations. To this effect, we are able to put at your disposal the following plant techniques:

  • Sedimentation tanks
  • Lamella separators
  • Neutralisation plants
  • Precipitation and flocculation tanks
  • Sand and/or gravel filters
  • Adsorption filter (e.g. activated carbon filters for water)
  • Desorption plants (stripping plants)
  • Additional systems and full-service systems