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Ultrafiltration Plants for Drinking-, Industrial- and Process Water Treatment

Modular system for tailor-made plants

  • Combination of standardised modules to obtain individually adapted plants
  • Standard nominal capacities: 25 / 50 / 75 /100 /150 / 200 m³ / h
  • Any intermediate capacity can be supplied
  • Rack-type or container type systems
  • Supply of fully operative plants

Excellent clear water quality

  • Complete removal of bacteria and viruses
  • Clear water free of solid substances
  • Optimum preliminary treatment for subsequent treatment processes e.g. by reverse osmosis

Basic modules

  • Intake assembly group including protective filtration
  • Flocculation stage
  • Modular rack
  • Rinsing station with clear water storage tank and rinsing water pumping station
  • Control panel with operator panel

Additional modules

  • Dosing plant for pH adjustment
  • Dosing plant for chemically enhanced backwash (CEB)
  • Cleaning-in-place plants (CIP)
  • Neutralisation plant for CEB


  • Individual design for each plant
  • Flexible configuration for drinking water, industrial water, wastewater, stormwater, swimming pool water, etc., depending on individual requirements
  • Easy capacity increase / redundancy by parallel operation of the same plants
  • Robust membrane with high mechanical and chemical resistance properties
  • High economic efficiency due to low energy demand and long economic life-time of the membrane
  • Reduced space requirements


  • Protective filter including manual or automatic cleaning
  • Flocculation in the tubular flocculator or in the flocculation tank with agitator
  • Feed- and rinsing water pumps as individual pumps or as duty / stand-by pair of pumps
  • Stainless steel pipes / PP / PVC


  • Automatic switching between filtration / backwash
  • Supervision of turbidity in the intake and discharge structure
  • Supervision of flow, inter-membrane pressure and permeability
  • Automatic integrity testing
  • Three, freely configurable variants for CEB
  • Dosing of the flocculation agent in proportional quantities
  • Option: Regulated dosing for pH regulation
  • Option: Automatic neutralisation
  • Option: CIP-Station including dosing plant

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