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Water- and Wastewater Technique

In the water and wastewater sector, we are able to cover a large service area. Our key domains are indicated below:

These single domains can be combined with one another so that it will be possible to treat industrial wastewater by means of several processes in order to obtain a water quality that complies with the general requirements of process water quality.
The basic processes that are being used in the scope of this treatment procedure are based on membrane technology, which – compared to conventional processes – accounts for numerous advantages. Depending on the type of requirements, the following treatment processes may be used – either as single processes or in combination with other processes:

The products that we offer in the fields of water- and wastewater technique are basically characterised by the following aspects:

  • Modular structure
    Thanks to the modular structure of our plants, we are in the position to individually adapt the overall plant to existing conditions. At the same time, this modular structure provides for easy extensions - to increase efficiency, for example - and it also provides for uncomplicated adjustments in case of modified basic conditions.
  • Standardisation
    The standardisation of assembly groups secures the rapid and economic fabrication. Our high quality standards secure low-maintenance service and long-lasting operation. Thanks to the flexible combination possibilities of individual standardised modules, we are able to offer tailor-made solutions to any kind of task assignment.
  • Compact construction
    We deliver our plants either as rack-type or container systems. Our clients are supplied with fully assembled, function-tested and operative systems. As for larger plants, these are supplied as fully assembled components, which can then be very quickly installed and connected on-site in order to obtain a fully operative plant.
  • Integrated solutions
    e offer overall solutions. These overall solutions do not only comprise the incorporation of our plants – if required, even with the use of conventional techniques – into existing systems but they also include an overall service up to remote plant control systems.