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Constructed Wetland Assembly Kits

Do-it-yourself assembly kits for the installation of constructed wetlands in order to treat urban wastewater (10 – 500 inhabitants)

Constructed wetlands – the most natural way of treating wastewater:

Constructed wetlands are filter bodies that are planted with helophytes and hydrophytes. The ecosystem that is formed in these constructed wetlands by plants, microorganisms and the filter bodies themselves provides for the purification of the wastewater.

Construction kits / self-installation:

We supply complete do-it-yourself assembly kits for constructed wetlands for a total of 10 to 500 inhabitants, including design and advisory services.

Performance data:

  • COD: 90%
  • BOD: 98%
  • Ntotal: 94%
  • pathogen organisms: 90%

Your advantages:

  • Considerable reduction of manufacturing costs
  • Easy, safe and natural purification of the wastewater

Your in-house services:

  • Permissions
  • Construction services
  • Piping works
  • Maintenance works

Constructed wetlands components:

  • Transport- and/or facility container
  • Septic tanks
  • Reed bed lining (membrane)
  • Pipes and connecting pieces
  • Plants
  • Construction manual and design documents
  • Construction manual and design documents

Functional principle of constructed wetlands

Prinzip Pflanzenkläranlage

20 1,5 6.800
50 3,5 7.400
100 6,5 11.500
150 10 14.800
300 20 23.900
500 33 36.800

The above mentioned prices have been indicated for residential estates located in arid zones with a hydraulic flow of 65 l per inhabitant / day.

Prices for non-arid zones will be higher.

For further information or quotations, please contact the company Caro Biotechnik GmbH under the phone number: +49(0) 241 / 9686-20 or contact the company by mail:

The indicated prices do not include VAT and transport.

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