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Vacuum Plant

Remediation of contaminations in strongly compact soils by means of vacuum plants

Scope of application: Contaminations in saturated and non-saturated silty soils.

Technische Daten*
Dimensions LxW 1,3m x 1,2m x 1,5m 1,3m x 1,2m x 1,5m 6m x 2,3m x 2,3m
Weight ca. 300kg ca. 500kg ca. 6000kg
Nominal Capacity 10 m³/h 20m³/h usually: < 1m³/h
Nominal capacity air 100m³/h 200m³/h usually: 90m³/h
Low pressure 900 mbar 900 mbar usually: 600 mbar
Connection power 10 kW 15 kW usually: 12 kW

*Subject to modifications, different performance data on request.

Combination possibilities

  • With KATOX-plant: in case of high raw air loads
  • With oil separator: in case of not-bonded product in the soil
  • With stripping plant: in case of high groundwater contamination

Operation Principle

Vakuum Anlage

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